5 thing you must know if you want to be happy in life

“I am not foremost, I may never be

Life sure is a puzzle.

Making a mark is arduous but only I can tell,

I want to feel the struggle.”

1. Different people have different perspectives– There is no absolute right or wrong. The same thing might be petty for one and disturbing for the other. And honestly, there will always be different rights and wrongs but its your perspective that really matters.

eagle-indonesia_2975314k2. You will be judged The number of people criticizing you will at times (or maybe always) be greater than the number of people appreciating you. But a person’s opinion does not define your worth, it’s you who does.

Untitled3. If you don’t control your life, somebody else will – Your life will always be out of control and it will always be unmanageable. You have to figure out a way to set thing straight because its your life not anybody else’s. Don’t end up doing what others want from you.

860755-sony-world-photographic-awards4. You might not always get what you deserve – You could be hardworking or talented but not always you’ll get what you worked for. Sure most of the time hard work will pay of, but you need to be prepared for the time it will not.

beautiful-rainbow-live-hd-wall-2-2-s-307x5125.You might not be what you think you will be- Now most of us have a goal in life. We all have been through that phase when we create a time capsule and just cant wait to see how much of it will be true. So lets be honest, most of it won’t be. We are not doubting your capabilities when we say that, but that is just how life is. More than 50% of this world’s populations is doing a job they don’t want to. Because sometimes people get so caught up with their dreams, they want to be a person they cant be. So if there is something productive you wish to do with your life, start working on it right away!

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