High and Low

“When in doubt, wear red ” – Bill Blass


Hello people of the world,

For this blog I decided to wear a high low top from Lakhina Couture. I have had my eye on this one for a long time but got my hands on this recently. For those of you who don’t know about Lakhina Couture, it’s a a label owned by Vaishvi Lakhina with a wide variety of clothing.

IMG_1117 IMG_1124

IMG_1119 IMG_1147 IMG_1149

TBH, I had a little doubt in my mind before buying this from Lakhina Couture but I bought it anyways because it had positive reviews from hundreds of people. And when I finally recieved it I was surprised by the quality. Also it was very comfortable to wear. I esp like this top because I just can’t get over how it flows with the wind. I have also bought some other stuff from her so will be posting about it soon. I am looking forward to shopping more from lakhina couture because there are some other thing that I absolutely love. I suggest you all to visit her instagram @lakhinacouture. Even if you are super choosy with your wardrobe, you will definitely find something you like there.

On my nails I have Maybelline’s color show and I recommend this one to all of you. It’s called ‘silk stockings’ (501) and it is super casual, kinda gives a nude look. Another thing that I would recommend to everyone from this blog is the neckpiece. I got this from jabong.com. I don’t like to accessorize a lot and that is why I keep my outfits minimalist. And this neckpiece is for people who have the same thoughts.

You can find me on instagram @fedoreandfushcia. Also you may follow me on wordpress and comment below what you think about this one. And if you haven’t yet seen Confession Closet yet you will find it’s link below. 🙂

Top- Lakhina couture

Heels- Annabelle

Neck piece- New look

Hand Cuff- 20Dresses

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