Four body parts women often forget to moisturize.

“There is nothing in the world like perfect skin. There is just your skin.”

Hi guys,

I know I did not post anything this Sunday so I am making up for that now. Here is my first beauty post! In this one I am going to talk about four body parts women often or always forget to moisturize but need to be moisturized the most.

  1. Feet
    I guess all of your moisturize your legs daily. But some one you forget to moisturize your feet. Moisturizing your feet is as important as moisturizing your legs.
  2. Neck


    Your neck is another body part that needs to be moisturized DAILY! You might always moisturize the front of your neck but people do tent to forget the back which leads to the back side of the neck being darker than the front.

  3. Under eye337349

    Now everybody moisturizes their face daily. (I hope so) But your under eye must be moisturized very properly as well. Even before you put all your makeup the first step is to moisturize your skin (esp the under eye area).

4.  Under arms


I have actually met a few people who don’t moisturize their underarms at all. And honestly I did not believe it. The only           reason why I decided to post about moisturizing on my blog was this! So you are not using razor at all but still have               dark under arms? Now you have an answer! Under arms are one of those body parts that need moisturizing the most.

So that’s it for now. Will be back with a new post next Sunday! 😀 Like and comment your thoughts on this post! Also please follow me by clicking the follow button on the bottom right and subscribing. 🙂

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