Traditional Times


Hi guys

I have been waiting for the past two weeks to post this. This is my first traditional post and I am super excited for this one.

This one is in collaboration with style fiesta. Also I am really happy to announce that I am officially a part of style fiesta’s fashion squad now. So yay!

Also I have some exciting news and will be sharing that soon. 🙂

IMG_1866 IMG_2038

The outfit that I am wearing is from Soch studio. You can visit them at They have a really great collection of Indian attires and all of you should really check them out.

I am a sucker for details and that’s why I picked this outfit from their entire collection. I love the details on the sleeves and the upper part of the kurti

. IMG_2048

The ring that I am wearing is from style Fiesta and the earrings as well. I really love their entire collection. Esp the neck pieces. They also have a lot of boho styles in their collection. You can visit them at

And finally that is me having a moment there! haha


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