Things to keep in mind while you wash your hair.

Have you been washing your hair almost regularly and not getting the results you want? Either your scalp is too oily or too dry?

Here are a few things you might have been doing wrong.

  1. Do not use hot water

no hot water

Most of us use hot water (esp during the winters) to wash our hair which isn’t good for your hair. Ward water is still okay but cold water is preferred while washing the hair.

2. Massage your scalp

shampoo the scalp

While washing your hair, massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes with your finger tips. Often we use our finger nails while washing our hair which is really not good for the hair.

3. Wash your hair from scalp to tip

shampoo the tips

As important as it is to massage your scalp, do not forget the tips. Also it is equally important to condition the tips as well. It makes your hair smoother and better.

4. Do not condition the scalp

condition hair not scalp

Conditioning your scalp will make it oily too soon and you probably have to wash your hair again the next day. Always remember- Shampoo the scalp, condition the hair.

5. Wait for a few minutes after your have the conditioner on.Hair-Conditioner

After putting on your conditioner, always remember to leave it for a minute or two. Also people dont usually use hair serum but it actually helps a lot to improve the quality or your hair.

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