The plaid edit


Hi guys

I am currently in Singapore. And this place is a wonderland. I will be coming up with many more new projects while I am here. Also I might do a food post or maybe not! You can follow me on instagram (@poorvinaithani) for all my latest updates.

I have been waiting for a really long time to post this! 😀 I have been in love with this missa more shirt dress for a very long time. I even ordered it once before but I don’t know what happened it just didn’t get delivered. But I finally got my hands on it last week! Annnd it is super comfy! 😀


I am wearing a Vero Moda dress and have layered it with a Missa more shirt dress. For me, the Vero Moda dress was a little formal and the shirt dress too casual. I wanted to create something that was neither. I have always been a fan of layering. It’s something I always do with all my outfits.

I got this charm bracelet from Indian Gully store (@indiangully). Also I love the detailing on the Vero Moda dress since I am a total sucker for details. IMG_3672

I absolutely love this entire look. For some people the two dresses might not go together but they totally work for me! 😀

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Outfit details-

Dress- Vero Moda

Shirt dress- Missa more

Bag- Jabong

Heels- Jabong

Bracelet- Indian gully (@indiangully)




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