Bike rides and beaches

Hi guys

Happy new year to all of you guys! 😀 I celebrated my new year in Singapore and I’ll be sharing with you all my first post from here. Also I have made some major hair changes. Keep reading to find out more. (or just skip to the end!)

Today I ll be sharing with you guys a day in Pulau Ubin. It’s an island near east Singapore.  You have to go there by a ferry and it take around 10-15 minutes to get there. img_2212.jpgxs


This was my ootd for the day. There are so many interesting things to do there. You can go fishing or cycling or to the beach or maybe just sun bathe. And if you are ever planning to go there, wear something super comfortable. IMG-20151227-WA0019IMG-20151227-WA0020IMG-20151227-WA0024

I wore a top from stalkbuylove and shorts from UCB. And I wore my nike sports shoes. TBH, I wasn’t willing to wear sport shoes but I was so glad I did. We were riding for almost 4 hours and when we were not riding we were walking (So it was a hell lot of exercise, haha) Also I paired this entire look with a bag from Miss Bennett London and my watch from Daniel Wellington. This entire outfit was very comfortable and the weather there was pleasant too. Also I picked a bicycle with a basket so I don’t have to carry my bag all the time. I really wanted a pink bike but there wasn’t any. (Probably the only thing that disappointed me there, haha). pulsnx



It’s a little crowded when you enter the place because there are a lot of stores that give you bikes on rent. Also there are a lot of people fishing over there and a couple of food joints. But as you move further it becomes really peaceful. There are maps all over the place so you’ll never get lost. But if you do get lost like I did, you’ll have a lot of fun finding your way back.

Also the best part is you get to ride along the beaches and maybe go for a little swim.IMG-20151227-WA00261004275131_0ee27bc71aIMG-20151227-WA0023

After riding for a while you go a little uphill and there is a campsite there. There are a couple of food joints over there and it is by the ocean. Also you can see Malaysia from up there. There is also a bonfire place and a couple of benches and tables. And the most important thing, the entire island is absolutely clean!


IMG-20151227-WA0015 And if you are a little adventurous and like to explore, you’ll find some beautiful places too.

The entire day was amazing. I enjoyed so much over there. All of you need to visit this place at least once in your life! There is also a park over there. You will wanna go there for a while and relax after all the cycling. That’s ll of this post. I’ll be sharing more travel stories with you guys soon!  IMG-20151227-WA0022

Finally about my new hair. I got bangs this new year. So yay! 😀 I have always wanted bangs but I never had enough courage to actually get them. But I finally did and I am so happy about it. I will be sharing a picture with you guys on instagram soon! So stay tuned.

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Happy New year once again all of you.




Shorts- UCB

Shoes- Nike

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Bag- Miss Bennett London

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