The Valentine edit



Hi guys

Since Valentine’s is around the corner, I am sure you all can see a lot of Valentine post. And I am here with one too! 😀 Now honestly I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day (Regardless of your relationship status) and that’s why I was a little iffy on publishing this editorial. But I am a fan of dressing up so I decided to do it anyway! In fact I will be sharing with you two Valentine’s look.


For this post I am wearing a red dress from an instagram store (@rajkumari.dulap). I know its so cliche to be wearing red on Valentine’s but I really love this dress. My favorite thing out the dress is the cut-out neck design. It doesn’t require accessorizing, the dress speaks for itself!



February is again that time of the year when the climate is pleasant. It’s not very cold but its not warm either. But it still is kinda chilly, so I layered this look with a black long coat. A black coat is an absolute must in every girl’s winter wardrobe.

Further I paired it up with my current favorite black handbag from Code Red and black pumps from Miss Bennett. As you all can see I am not wearing any accessories with this look because the dress for me is so gorgeous that I didn’t feel the need to accessorize. Also I love how the pictures for this post turned out! 😀

Do let me know what you think about this look and don’t forget to subscribe. Also visit @rajkumari.dulap on instagram and check out their store! 🙂
Thanks for reading.



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