The pink octopus edit

Hi guys

Today’s post is in collaboration with Print octopus (@printoctopus). The editorial is titled ‘pink octopus’ because I absolutely love the little pink octopus they have on their products. I find it super cute and just cannot get over it!


You all should definitely check out the store. They have an incredible range of Tshirts and more and you will definitely find a lot of things you relate to! You can click this link ( ) to visit their website. The Tshirt that they sent me said ‘More issues then Vogue’ and WHO CAN’T RELATE TO THAT! I wore it all through Valentine’s day (No judgment there people) and absolutely love it!


Coming back to the entire look, I gave it a little retro look with a mid calf denim font button skirt. I bought this skirt from Cotton On when I was in Singapore and have been desperately waiting to style it ever since.

I really like how this entire look turned out. It is really chic and street style.

Lastly, about the outfit details, these sneakers were a gift from a friend. Now I am not quite sure but I guess they are from Bandra, Mumbai. Also the watch is from Daniel wellington.

Those of you who read all my posts know how much I have been obsessed with this bag. I carry it almost everyday and since it is black, it goes with everything! I am a total sucker for thing that go with everything. I mean who isn’t?!  One pair of shoes that go with every outfit? Hell yeah to that! 😀





I have a giveaway with Bblunt this Thursday so don’t forget to participate! 🙂 Also subscribe and spread the love. ❤


Tshirt- Print Octopus

Skirt- Cotton On

Sneakers- Bandra

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Bag- Code Red

Thank you for reading!




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