Maybelline Fit Me! range- Review+ Giveaway

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A few months ago Maybelline launched their new Fit Me! range and it could just be everything you have been looking for. The new range is designed to fit not only different skin colors but also different skin types. The products are suitable for dry, normal, oily and even combination (oily T-zone) skin. Makeup brands don’t usually launch products for combination skin but Maybelline finally did that! Also they are very affordable and perfect for beginners. All the products are individually great products and are available in a wide range of different skin tones. The entire range consists of four products-


 1. Foundation
The foundations in this new range comes in six different shades and the bottle contains 30 ml of the product. It is basically for normal to oily skin but the foundation also works really well for people with dry skin but they need to moisturize well before applying it.
1. The product is affordable. Retails at INR 525
2. It has medium to high coverage.
3. Mattifies and refines pores and matches the natural skin tone giving a seamless, natural finish.

1. It does not come with a pump or spatula.
2. It comes in a glass bottle and is a little on the heavier side so it’s not very travel friendly.
3. It transfers a lot, you have to use the compact to set it.

Rating- 3.5


2. Concealer

It retails at INR 500 for 6.8 ml of product.

1. Very high coverage.
2. It contains no oil or waxes.
3. Travel friendly.

1. Extremely creamy.
2. The product needs to be set with a compact or it will crease.

Rating- 4


3. Pressed powder

The product weighs 9 grams. It is also affordable (retails at INR 475.)

1. The powder is oil free and does not clog pores. It also controls oil.
2. Provides breathable, long-wearing lightweight face powder for coverage with a natural, smooth finish.
3. Naturally sets the makeup in place. The foundation is almost non- transferable after using the pressed powder.

1. The packaging is not very convenient.
2. Though it comes with a very good puff, but the product works better with a brush. But if you don’t have a brush, the puff works well too.
3. The product is for normal to dry skin whereas the foundation is for normal to oily skin. They are not very much in sync with each other.



4. Blush

It retails at INR 400 and contains 4.5 g of the product. It comes in three different and incredible shades-

  • Medium pink
  • Medium coral
  • Medium nude

The Medium Pink shade is the brightest out of the three. The Medium Coral and Medium Nude give a very light natural blush to the cheeks. All the three shades are great and really light on skin.

1. Comes with a useful soft and smooth brush.
2. Lightweight pigments.
3. Provides a natural, fade-proof cheek color

1. Lasts for only a couple of hours so you will need to re touch.
2. It compliments the lighter skin tone really well but might not work that well for dark skin tones.

Rating- 4.5

Over all the entire range is great. Though most of the products are not in sync with each other, they work together better than most of the products in the market. All the products retails for under INR 2000 which is really cheap for anyone. They all come in travel friendly packs and are a must buy. All the products have their individual negative but when you use them all together, they are really great. All the products in this range last for about 4-5 hours so you do need to touch up after that.
If you are not a makeup lover and don’t like layers of make up on your skin, this range is a definite buy for you. The products look natural and are very light on your skin.
On the other hand, if you are a makeup lover and don’t mind layers of makeup on your skin, this range is still a definite buy for you. All the products control oil. They are lightweight but still provide medium to high coverage. And for those who have dry skin, they don’t over dry the skin if you moisturize properly.

1. Affordable and travel friendly
2. Available for different skin tones as well as different skin types.
3. Gives a natural finish and are lightweight.

1. The products are not in sync with each other. They have launched a foundation for oily to normal skin and a compact for normal to dry skin.
2. Lasts for only 4-5 hours.
3. Does not control oil very well.


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