Summer and sundresses


Hi guys
Summer is finally here. And even though I hate the heat and summer afternoons, I absolutely love the sundresses! And who doesn’t, right!
And besides the sundresses, I also love the pools, ice creams, mangoes and all summer things!




For this post I wore a white spaghetti sundress with a white shrug. I am a huge sucker for spaghetti strap but I am not a fan of sleeveless at all. I always like tops/ outfits with full or three-fourth sleeves. And even though people always prefer sleeveless in summers, I do not hold that opinion. That is just my personal style.
What I love is layering! I could layer four to five different cloths if the summers in northern India weren’t so hot. And that is why even in this outfit I layered the sundress with a white shrug.

My sister gifted me this dress a really long time ago and I even styled this in one of my previous posts. I really love the boho detailing on this dress.
The shrug also has a lace detailing on the back which is really gorgeous. Except for the back detailing, it is a very simple, basic white shrug. But the lace detailing adds a little edge to it.


I paired this look with a very cute pair of white wedges and a tan bag. I bought this bag from Missa More and am really happy with the quality. To be honest, I like each and every bag in their latest bag collection and am really looking forward to shopping more.

Also here are some weird candid shots from the shoot!

To finish this look I decided to wear a very light pink lipstick to go with the white and warm summer vibe. That’s all for this post and all the outfit details are given below 🙂

Dress- Jabong

Shrug- Globus

Wedges- Gifted

Bag- Missa More

Lipstick- Eva by Loreal

Thanks for reading  :))

Poorvi xo

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