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Hi guys

Recently I attended the lifestyle store launch at one awadh center mall. It is also their 50th store across the nation. The store opened on the 13th of April and I will give you a little sneak peak of it.
It is obvious that the lifestyle store has a great collection. The entire store is divided into three different floors with different categories.

I attended the store launch with two of my fellow bloggers, Shubhi and Sumbul. You can check out their blogs, if you wish, by clicking the link below. (You should check out their blogs) by Shubhi Garg by Sumbul

Ground floor

The ground floor is the women’s clothing section. They also have a small accessory section in the corner. They have a variety of brands like Ginger, And, Fame Forever, AND, Lee Cooper, UCB, Code by lifestyle etc. I was expecting the clothing to be quite expensive there, but to my surprise, it wasn’t. Of course there were different cloths that were on the higher end of the price range but I did find some really good products priced around INR 1000. Also I did see some really nice basic Tshirts/ tops which were priced around INR 500-700.


Talking about the accessory section, it is a bit small but the collection is great. I absolutely fell in love with a makeup bag in that section but I did not buy it. And I do regret it. The only reason I did not buy it was because I did not think it was big enough. I will re-visit the store soon because I have a size issue with one of the tops that I bought so I need to exchange that and I will definitely buy that bag as well.


This was the bag but in rose quartz. I honestly spent a lot of time around this bag because I just couldn’t make up my mind. I am not sure but I guess it was priced around INR 500

They also had a lingerie section but I did not even see it until I was on the billing counter. It is hidden in some corner of the store that even after spending about two hours on just the ground floor I did not see it.

Lastly there was a makeup section on the ground floor as well. I did not buy any makeup from there. If you are following me on instagram, you know I have done a lot of makeup shopping lately and I don’t think I will be shopping for makeup for a few weeks now.
They had all the major makeup brands like maybelline, color bar, Lakme, revlon etc.
They even had fragrances from high end luxury brands like Gucci, versace etc!
And not to forget a great collection of watches.

First floor 

The first floor was the men’s clothing section. Now obviously you do not expect me to shop here, but I did!

I bought a really cute white and green Tshirt from the men’s collection. I will share it with you guys soon. The men’s section has a great collection too. They have a variety of brands as well like UCB, Calvin Klein, Smiley, Fame Forever etc. Also they had a really cool and really pretty denim section.

Second Floor

The second floor included the ethnic wear, kid’s wear, footwear and bags.
The second floor had the most number of categories. The kid’s section was the cutest. They had kid’s (Girls/Boys) clothing as well as kid’s footwear.

I did not get a lot of pictures of the ethnic or the kids section because that was the first place that I visited and my camera was still in my bag and I was still looking for my friends. But I did get a good look on the ethnic collection and its really great. Although I did not see a lot of variety in the ethnic section.



Btw, this was my OOTD and also the first picture I took! xD And then Shubhi joined me too because we don’t usually say no for a picture.


The second floor, as I said earlier, also had a collection of footwear and bags.

I was not as impressed by the footwear collection as I was with the clothing but they were still pretty great. I did have some favorites from the entire collection.

But I was really impressed with the bag collection. I honestly wanted to buy everything! They best part was that I could find a lot of big and spacious bags there. And I really need a huge bag because I carry the world in it.


Also there were some smaller makeup/sling bags that had a little quirky edge to it. I really liked the pastel green bag with pink polka dots. But my absolute favorite were these


I will soon share everything that I got from the lifestyle stores on the the blog. I also recommend each one of you to visit the store because you will find at least one thing that you will fall in love with. IMG_8367

This is my happy/tired face after a really long day and a lot of changing. I tried a bunch of different cloths and you can probably tell that by my hair! haha!

All the outfit details are given below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and let me know what you think of this post! 🙂


Tank top- Jabong

Short- Cotton On

Shrug- Shirt dress from Forever21

Choker- Amazon

Sneakers- Converse

Thanks for reading. ❤

Poorvi xo

10 thoughts on “Lifestyle store launch

  1. Nice review of the place! Lifestyle is one of my favorite places to shop (I was a regular at their Bangalore store). Now that i’ve moved back to Lucknow, it’s great to find it here! I will be visiting this Mall soon! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice review of the place! Lifestyle will surely boost the fashion scene of Lucknow. I liked their Bangalore store (during my stay there). Glad it opened here as there are many brands which Shoppers Stop lacks!


  3. Pardon me for the two similar comments. I thought the first one wasn’t posted so I posted another one, only to find both of them live!


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