The stripe look book #2

Hi guys

So this will be my second look from my stripe look book. For this post I am wearing a jumpsuit. I am not in particular a huge fan of jumpsuits but this one is really different. Moreover I am really into stripes ATM so why not!

This jumpsuit is from a website called Vonik. I was totally unaware of this website until recently. So this is how the jumpsuit looks like. It’s vertical stripes all over except for the waist. Also this is a very nice blend of rose quartz and grey. I didn’t even know they go so well together. IMG_8389
Also, take a moment to notice to stiletto chair.


This is a very comfy outfit. The material is very light so it’s almost perfect for the summers. (Esp now when it’s so hot in northern India)


This outfit is backless and I was kinda unhappy because its a little ‘baggy’. I believe it could have been a little more ‘neat’ but then again it fits perfectly on the waist so its all good.



I decided to wore flats with this because I really wanted this look to be super comfy. I also had a nude pink bag with this but I somehow forgot about it while shooting. And lastly, I wore a nude watch with this. I have been totally loving this watch and I don’t even know where it is from since it was a birthday gift! But I absolutely love the elephant print on it.


All the outfit details are given below! Let me know what you think about this post. 🙂
The third and last look will be up super soon so stay tuned. 🙂


Outfit details-

Jumpsuit- Harpa (

Watch- No idea! But I will find out and let you guys know really soon. 🙂

Flats- Koovs

Thanks for reading!

Poorvi xo

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