Hathkargha: Hand made love

Hi guys

Hope you are all doing well. Those of you who follow me on social media already know that I attended this event called ‘Hathkargha’ at Mini Cappi on the 28th and 29th of this month.
It was a pop up exhibition of hand made products. Everything from bags to shoes and from clothing to accessories was hand made.
I was a ‘live’ stylist there and was basically helping others out with what suits them the best, which means I went through each and every product available there. And trust me when I say this, they were all beautiful.
I have never seen anything handmade look so perfect.


This is what I wore to the event. All the details to this look will be up in a different post. I will probably post that next week so stay tuned.
Also there is a lady photo bombing!

Coming back to the exhibition, there were a couple of really amazing brands and I will take you through them one by one. And I promise to keep it short. Haha.
Also in case you want to contact any of these brands, I will link their Instagram handles below.

  1. House of Ada


House of Ada is a jewelry studio specializing in silver and fashion jewelry. They had a great collection and some really amazing pieces. Most of their collection has very statement pieces and can beautify any outfit.


I specifically loved the pendant neck pieces that they had.

Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/houseofada/

2. Fooljhadi

Fooljhadi is another jewelry brand with a lot of statement pieces.



Although I feel like their jewelry has more ethnic feel to it. I think they will look great with ethnic wear. And if you wish to try something indo-western, they will look even better!

Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/fooljhadi/

3. Alankaara

If you are a nature lover, you are going to love Alankaara’s jewelry! Their jewelry is very different and unique and I absolutely love it. You can’t even imagine the hard work!
Here are some of my favorites. And this picture speaks for itself!


Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/alankaara.india/

4. Boriya Basta 

This is probably my favorite out of all. They had bags and footwear and jewelry and what not. And everything is hand made.


I also might style one of their clutches in a post soon. Also they had a bunch of amazing stuff but unfortunately I couldn’t capture all of it. I will link their Instagram handle below and all of you should definitely have a look.

Instagram handle- https://www.instagram.com/boriyabasta/

5. The french knot studio


All the clothing from this brand is woven in the looms of rural India. They have a great collection of maxis. They also had some really cool crop tops. I really like their entire clothing collection because I feel like there is a lot of versatility in their designs.


Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/thefrenchknotstudio/

6. Olio

This is another brand that I love. Their entire collection has a high-fashion vibe to it. I honestly wanted to get everything from their collection. Even their quirky clothing was minimal.
It is really hard to make something good out of basic colors and designs, and these people know hoe to do it right!

Also, I was twining with one of their dresses.


I recommend all of you to have a look at their Instagram profile once because you are going to love it.

Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/the.olio.stories/

7. Meraki

I guess every one are now aware of my love/obsession with hand bags. Meraki means putting your soul in what you do. And every bag from this brand proves it. I even got one for myself because I couldn’t resist.



This one was my fav!


There were also a couple of other brands there that show cased some of their products but these were the major ones. Don’t forget to check them out and show them some love. 🙂

Also, my outfit posts will be live soon so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Poorvi xo



3 thoughts on “Hathkargha: Hand made love

  1. Dear Poorvi,

    Thanku soo much for the wonderful review of the event.
    It was lovely to have you at the event. 🙂 ur presence made the pop-up show even more eventful.

    Team Boriya Basta,
    Deepika Nigam.


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