Raksha Bandhan special

Hi guys

Hope you all are doing well! So it’s Raksha Bandhan today and I am super excited. This post is very different from what I usually do. Well for starters, it is an ethnic outfit. Also I have taken different things from different people’s closet to complete this look.

Mostly people buy new outfits for festivals and why not. But this time since I did not buy anything new for Raksha Bandhan, I decided to create a different look that you can try sometime too. Also this is my outfit for today. However I did this shoot a couple of days ago since I wanted to upload it on Raksha bandhan.







So I took a maroon salwar from my mom’s closet and a white shirt from my dad’s closet. A lot of people wear Tshirts and Shirts with salwar already, so to make it a little different, I decided to wear the shirt backwards. It creates a very different look.
You can chose any color of salwar and any shirt for this look. There are infinite ways to recreate this look.
Also I just wanted to put it our there that this is not an original idea. I have seen a lot of people creating different looks by wearing a shirt backwards and you might have seen it too. Although I haven’t seen many Indian looks with this and that is why I wanted to create an ethnic look with this idea. And I am super happy with how it turned out.
And one last thing, if you do recreate this look, you will need a shirt bigger than your size to make it look like a short kurta.



I carried a clutch from Indisans with this outfit. This is an online portal that I recently came across. They started with the idea of bringing out the diverse culture of India. There are so many different cultural platforms in India such as cultural attires, hand looms, traditional food, etc. And Indisans has created a marketplace which has a collection of hand looms, handicrafts, regional products and specialtiesΒ of India.

They work directly in close association with artisans and weavers, people who are the custodian of original art and create a platform so that their valued patrons are able to own these products at their convenience.

Indisans.com has created a platform for artisans and weavers who are otherwise not able to get the value that they deserve for their products. They price their products rightly since there is no middlemen involved and the products are directly sourced from the manufacturer.

There is no better idea than the idea of putting forward the hard working hand loom and handicrafts artists of India who are otherwise neglected. And that is one of the main reasons why I decided to get my hands on this beautiful hand loom clutch from IndiSans. And as you all can see, there is not a single thing about it that disappointed me and it went perfectly with my outfit.
Also they will launch their website soon so stay tuned for that! Until then, you can follow them on their Instagram page @indisans.






Lastly, I added some junk jewelry to complete my outfit. Also I tied my hair up in a bun because I am super bored to the same old hairdo. And for the first time, I was happy with my bun.
Let me know if you like this outfit as much as I do. πŸ™‚
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Outfit details-

Salwar- mom’s closet
Shirt- dad’s closet
Foot wear- West side
Jewelry- Street stores
Clutch- IndiSans (@indisans)

Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

Poorvi xo


7 thoughts on “Raksha Bandhan special

  1. This look is super gorgeous poorvi…. and I love the dark, mysterious kind of hue you have used in the photographs… makes you look on so sexy…. the look is so wearable… and the ulta shirt has been carried so well. In absolute love with this post.


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