Vintage love



Hi guys

Hope you are well. I just realized that my last two posts were lifestyle and beauty so I thought of updating a fashion post today!

I have really been into vintage fashion. Not just because it is coming back, there is something about it which has always attracted me.  I have been trying to do a post solely on vintage fashion but have been unable to do it because I already have a lot of posts lined up for the blog. So I decided to try to create a vintage look with a white tee.

I recently received a white tee from Qasics which says ‘best dressed’ and it took me a while to style it because I really wanted to do justice to the caption on the tee.

So I paired this tee with a maxi skirt. Since I wanted to create a vintage look, I wanted the skirt length to be mid calf. So I wore the maxi skirt as a dress to decrease the length. I did an entire post on this a while back so if you wish to see that, click here.




I also made a small knot on the tee to shorten the length. Although knots are not very vintage but I liked the look of it. I also wore a watch with it which is again from Qasics! AND I LOVE IT. I think everybody knows that I am a cat person. I mean it’s a FACT! And everything about this watch is gorgeous. Although I am not a huge fan of animal print (the straps) but the cat dial makes up for everything.




I wore black tie up flats with it and carried a tan bag which I think all of you have already seen a couple of times.



I did a little something with my hair too for this post. This is probably the easiest hairdo ever! And it looks so elegant and classy. There are four super simple steps for this hairdo.
1. Make a simple side braid.
2. Pull the braid to give it some volume.
3. Take the end of the braid and pin it to the other side of your head.
4. Pull out some hair from the front section and secure everything with bobby pins.


That’s all for today! Do let me know if you like this. 🙂

Outfit details-

Tee- Qasics
Skirt and bag- Missa More
Watch- Qasics
Flats- Westside

Thanks for reading!

Poorvi xo

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