When in doubt, wear RED!


Hi guys

Hope you all are doing well. This is probably going to be the most fancy outfit that I have ever WORN! And I am really excited to share this with you all.
Red is not a color that you would usually see me wearing. I don’t know why, but I have always felt that I can’t pull off bright red very well. But this outfit from Qasics proved everything I felt to be wrong!

So I received this very beautiful and body flattering gown from Qasics recently and have been loving it ever since. It is a long, full sleeve body hugging evening gown with net details from the knee below.  It has a classic mermaid style.

This outfit very much reminds me of red carpet looks or something you’d wear to a very fancy dinner party. The only thing missing is adding some diamond jewelry to it (not real diamonds necessarily) and tying your hair up in a bun. Although this outfit is not very ideal for people my age. I think I would see someone much older wearing it.




So the final look that I created is exactly how I would wear this outfit. I think this will be more age appropriate. I wore this gown with really high heels. It not only gave posture to my body but also made it easier to carry this dress. Wearing a gown like this, might get difficult at times with heels and that is why I would suggest you all what I do. WEAR WEDGEDS! Wedges will not only keep you comfortable for a really long time but also help you walk properly.






I really love how this gown perfectly fits my body. A gown has to fit perfectly to bring out its beauty and I am sure that if any of you are looking for that, you will definitely find it at Qasics!

Let me know what you think about this look and thank you guys for reading!

Outfit details-

Gown- Qasics
Heels- Topshop

Poorvi xo

8 thoughts on “When in doubt, wear RED!

  1. Wow poorvi… red is my favourite colour and must say I carry it off so well. And this gown indeed is red carpet…. love how u carried it, simple yet chic….


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