Stay active with K active!

Hi guys!

I hope you all are doing well!
So recently I have been trying to stay a little fit and have been going out for occasional runs.

As I have mentioned a few times before, I am not a gym person. I do not like to go to a gym and workout. I much rather prefer going to a park to walk or run for a while!

And while I am the the laziest person when it comes to workout, cute workout outfits give me a lot of motivation.



About 15 days ago I got this super cute active wear from Koovs. Koovs recently introduced ‘K active’ in it’s collection.
K active is an active wear clothing line that has the most comfortable and trendy sportswear. They have lowers, tights, tops, sports bra and what not! Everything you need to nail your workout look!
And I can guarantee that the quality is to die for!

The top that I picked has the perfect length and size. I prefer longer tops while working out and also I prefer something that’s loose but not too loose. Also this has the right amount of sheer. Also the material is pretty soft and smooth and if you sweat a lot, it won’t really show up on the top.



I wore my regular workout tights under it and ofcourse my sports shoes.
Sports shoes are essential for me in my shoe closet and honestly, I cannot live without them. Mine are from Nike and I got them maybe 3-4 years ago (or maybe less). I absolutely love them. They might be a little dirty because I wear them A LOT but they are still the same quality.

And of course, I made a high pony because who works out with their hair falling down.







Outfit details-

Top- Koovs
Tights- West Side
Shoes- Nike


Thanks for reading! 🙂

Poorvi xo


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