Hi guys

I hope you all are doing well! The weather as been the most confusing thing these days! So I am all in the mood for winters and winter outfits and it is getting super cold now, but some days it gets so sunny and warm that I have to take off my jackets and sweaters.
So I was out to shoot in this beautiful maxi dress from Qasics and I was wearing two layers over it because I thought it would be cold like usual, but it was super warm and I shot wearing just the dress and a simple denim jacket!

I like to shoot in outfits that are appropriate for winter during winters. But I was kinda happy that it was warm the day I shot this because I wanted to flaunt this dress to the fullest!





So a week ago, I received this beautiful maxi dress from Qasics. This dress has so many different colours and I love it so much! I have always been a fan of more colourful outfits rather than dull ones. All the colours are so clever and so different!

The base colour is grey which is a bit dull but then there are also two wide stripes of bright orange on the sides! There is also a thin neon stripe in the front which is just a cherry on the top!



The dress has a very pretty neckline. It is pretty low cut but the neon stripe in the center makes is less revealing! It is honestly the most flattering neckline I have ever worn.

This dress is definitely a head turner and I really feel like is a lot different than other maxi dresses!




Outfit details-

Dress- Qasics

Jacket- Forever21

Flats- Ruby shoes

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Poorvi xo

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