Top 5 picks from Kazo

Hi guys

Hope you all are doing well!
If you follow me on my social media, you might already know that I attended the Kazo store launch about two weeks ago in City mall.
I have always been a fan of Kazo and have loved their products and that’s why I was thrilled to know that it is finally opening in Lucknow.

I feel like I can always relate to the type of products Kazo has and I always find multiple things in the store that I want to get for myself. So this time, I picked out five of my products from the store to share with you all! 🙂

1. Minimal mustard top


I have a thing for everything minimal. This mustard top is very minimal but also very trendy at the same time. It has cold shoulders and frills, which have been in trend since last year.

If you ever have to go somewhere where you are not sure whether you should dress up or dress down, this top will be your savior! It can be worn on regular days as well as on days when you have to look fancy!


Retails price- INR 1690

2. Statement top


You might have already heard of the term statement necklace and you might love wearing them too. So what is better than a top that comes with a statement necklace kind of a neckline?!

This top is so comfy and soft. It also has bit of a bell sleeve and loose fitting so if you are not very confident in your body than you can go choose this top.
Like the first top, this one is also very versatile. But is a bit more fancy than the first one.


Retail price – INR 2490

3. Cape jacket


This jacket was the first thing that I noticed when I entered the store. This jacket is EVERYTHING to me! Everything about it is so on point.

The best part is the colour. Tan, like black, goes with everything. And we all need a nice, warm jacket that goes with all of our outfits for the chilly winters.

I am someone who prefers long jackets over short or cropped ones. But this jacket is an exception. Once worn, it kinda looks like a poncho and looks super stylish.


Retail price- INR 4990

4. Faux fur


I love fur jackets for winters, but only when they are faux fur. Even if the jacket doesn’t feel very thick, faux fur will always keep you warm.

These jackets look very elegant if carried well and are one of those few trends that never go out of style.


Retail price- INR 4990

5. Black handbag


I don’t know about you but a black handbag is a necessity for me. And I like to carry my entire world in my bag, so I need a spacious and strong handbag. And that’s exactly what this bag from Kazo is.

It is very spacious yet the size is not very big, and that’s the best kind of bag! The leather finish adds to the look of this handbag!


Retails price- INR 4990


Thanks for reading!

Photography- Daniel Joseph

Poorvi xo

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