Rock N shop- Sartorial box

All of us have had our fair share of monthly boxes. From beauty, food/snacks, accessories and what not.
If you are someone who is still not familiar with the concept of monthly boxes, these are boxes of goodies curated by a brand for it’s customers every month.

Recently, I came across this website called Rock N shop which also offers monthly boxes but it is very different than most of the other brands out there that offer the same services. Rock N shop‘s monthly box, which is called the sartorial box is a ‘curated luxury experience.’ They offer different luxury products in a box at your doorstep every month!
Rock N shop is one of those few brands that provide luxury monthly boxes in India.

Each sartorial box is full of new surprises. The box is very versatile and has a variety of products from fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more! The individual price of the first sartorial box is valued over INR 20,000. But the brand provides this box for INR 15,000.
The prices for the box keep changing every month.


You can also buy the contents of the box individually or you can get them as a part of your monthly box. If you order it monthly, not only will you get more products but you will also save some money.

As I have already told you, the box contains a variety of products and here’s what the first box contains-

1. The eye catcher

The box contains a pair of sunglasses from John Jacobs.


2. The statement charmer

They have a super cute red bag charm from Poem.


3. The knotty flats

Crave connect shoes with a tiny knot in the front.


4. The miracle mechanism 

A beauty product from Just B Au Naturel.


5. The chic essential

And finally, a piece of clothing from Echo.


The sartorial box has a total of five products, each of which is from a different category. The products can be styled in so many different ways to create unique looks that best define your style.
I would recommend all of you to try it for a month and I assure you that you would want to try it again! 🙂

You can get your sartorial box today by clicking hereSo hurry!

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