Olive everything

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that ‘green and it’s shades’ have been named colours of the year. 

And although I don’t usually (or never) wear green, I have a lot of olive in my wardrobe. I have always loved the colour and have always felt like the colour is very edgy. And olive is, hands down, my favourite colour to wear. 

So I teamed up with FBB (or fashion at Big Bazar) to create one of my favourite looks with this colour! FBB is a brand that needs no introduction, it is a household name and I am sure everybody has heard about it. 

So I wanted to create a look for the month of February or early March, when it’s not exactly as cold but still not warm enough. Also it’s not spring yet so you still need to wear the winter colours (but there are no rules, you can do whatever you feel like.)

I chose this olive sweater dress from FBB. I have a huge fan of sweater dresses as you might already know so I had to pick this one. But this is not really a dress, it’s a sweater in the size XL. But it works perfectly for me as a dress and that’s why I love it. 

If you know me personally and have hung out with me in the past month, you would have definitely seen me wearing this sweater at least once. It is beyond comfortable! It is not very warm, but in case you’d like to wear it on a cold day, you can wear a body warmer inside it with woolen tights like I did. 

I also carried a really pretty grey along from Accessorize and ankle length boots. 

Outfit details-

Dress- FBB

Tights- Delhi local market

Boots- Thrifted

Sling- Accessorize

Thank you for reading.

Poorvi xo

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