Prints and patterns

Hi guys

I hope you all are doing well. Today I have very special post featuring the new Masaba Gupta collection for Koovs called the masabaxkoovs.

Masaba Gupta has been one of my favorite designers for years now and I love how creative and different she is with her designs. The entire MasabaXKoovs collection has very different and bold prints. The entire collection has bright and pastels colours, which I love, with unique and edgy patterns.
So I picked out my favorite product from the collection and it was a bag pack.


For a student, a bag pack is a necessity. And we all want, in some way, to stand out in our college. And I felt like a bag pack is the best way to do that. (Although my new hair does the job pretty well.)

The entire collection is a mixture of pastel pink and pastel green. And I am a huge lover of pink, but I absolutely loved the green gum bell print and that is why this bag is my favorite from the collection.




The bag is very spacious. I carry a lot of stuff with myself and that is why a spacious bag is another necessity  for me. Some people might feel that the straps of the bag are too big but for me the bag was very comfortable to carry. And in case you do feel like they are a little big, you can adjust them by tying a knot!

Olive is obviously the trendiest colour at the moment, and that is why I chose to wear an olive romper. It also complimented the pastel green of the bag. And I layered it with a bomber jacket because it’s still a little cold outside.


This bag is definitely my favorite and I recommend it to all of you as well! 🙂


Bag- Koovs
Romper- H&M
Shoes- UCB
Bomber jacket- Reebok

Thanks for reading.

Poorvi xo

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