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Hope you all are doing well!
We all have a little black dress or LBD in our wardrobe that is very loved by us. Mainly because a black dress is probably the most versatile outfit. You can wear it on a casual occasion or a formal party and even family events or your birthday. A little black dress is a classic outfit that just does not go out of style! And let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with an LBD!



For me a perfect LBD is the one that fits me perfectly and is not too little or too long. And I do not mind a little twist to it by adding some colour. And I found one on Indian Gully

The dress has a sheer skirt with a spaghetti strap. The blouse also a some details to it. There is some off white in the dress and I personally feel that the amount of off white is perfect. And I may not have liked the dress if it were any other colour than off white.

The rest of the dress is plain black because that’s the essence of an LBD! #StatingTheObvious

Now of course this is more of a night out or party dress (but can be worn on several other  occasions as well), I wore high peep toes with it. I wanted the heels to be sleek since it is a skater dress. And I chose not to carry a bag, for a change, because sometimes you need your hands to be free!

Outfit details

Dress- Indian Gully
Heels- Annabelle, Pantaloons

Thanks for reading!

Poorvi xo

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