Off shoulder look book #1

Off shoulder? Hell yes! Of course nobody would say no to off shoulder since it has been a MAJOR trend for over a year now. And it is here to stay.
You must have seen various off shoulder outfits everywhere around you. From colleges to party looks and even fashion weeks, off shoulder has been seen EVERYWHERE!

I have teamed up with one of my favourite brand, Qasics, once again to show you all three different off shoulder looks that you are going to love!


If I were working on this blog a year ago, I would have paired this dress with black flats and black bag to go with the black button details. But over time, I have realised that experimenting is the most important thing while you style an outfit. It doesn’t have to be very drastic every time. It can be a tiny experiment like just mixing two colours that don’t go together. Just don’t be mainstream.



I fell in love with the dress the second I saw it. In fact I am very excited to share all the outfits from this look book because I absolutely love all of them.

The colour of the dress is so subtle and pretty that you just have to love it.


Usually the only problem that I face with off shoulder dresses is that the elastic is either to loose or too thin. But this dress has a very broad band of elastic and it holds on very firmly.
The front section has button detailing and I love button detailing so much (but you might already know that because I always talk about it.)


I paired the dress with a rose quartz bag and white sneakers. Since all of these are light colours, this combination might not be your first option. But if you choose wisely, you can find the right colours that go extremely well with each other.




Outfit details

Dress- Qasics
Shoes- UCB
Bag- Caprese

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