Mesh love


You just can’t go wrong with mesh, can you?


While I was scrolling through Indian gully’s Instagram, I found this beautiful mesh top that I instantly fell in love with.
I will be very honest with all of you, this top is a little different than it looked in the picture. But it’s not bad at all. Although the two pictures looked different, I like how the top looks on me. The only reason why I felt that, was because it did not fit me like I was expecting it to.


When I zipped the top all the way up, it fit oddly. And thats why I zipped it half way and turned the unzipped corners inside. I carefully stitched it so that it stays in place.
It might fit you well because everyone has a different body type but it just did not fit me well.
But I did find a way to make it look good and I love how it turned out. 😀
What do you guys think?


This top was all black and I wanted to add some colour to the look. So I paired it with a very colourful maxi skirt. I feel like this skirt has kind of an ethnic vibe to it as well.


You can pair this top with something else and create a completely different look than mine. I wore lace up flats and carried a bucket bag to complete my look.


Outfit details-

Top- Indian gully
Flats- West side
Skirt- FBB

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked this look! 🙂

Poorvi x

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