Summer in sneakers

Hi guys

I hope you all are doing well! I am writing a post after quite a while because I was preoccupied with my exams among other things. And I can’t wait to start posting regularly.

Very recently I came across an Instagram store called Smiles from miles who customise sneakers. The shoes are basically hand painted and they also offer other customised gifts.
As you may already know, I am a massive Game of thrones fan and they very kindly sent across ‘Game of thrones’ themed sneakers.


Now I don’t even think twice before buying anything related to Game of thrones and I loved the sneakers before I even got them. But when you buy something online, there are always chances of things going wrong. So I thought I will give you all a quick review.

I have already worn the sneakers 5-6 times and the paint hasn’t come off at all. Also the best part is that the shoes look exactly like they look in the picture.


I am already amazed by how neat the finish is. I do not know if they have stencils for everything or not, but either way, they look amazing!

Also the most important part, the shoes that they select to paint, are very comfortable.

I am pretty sure that I am going to wear sneakers throughout summer and with every outfit. I feel like you can wear sneakers with EVERYTHING. And that’s what I am going to do this season.
And that’s exactly what I did with this outfit. I styled this semi sheer high neck top with a striped maxi skirt. And also carried a bag pack from Lifestyle with it.



Outfit details:

Top- Forever21
Skirt- Missa More
Sneakers- Smiles from miles
Bag- Lifestyle

Photo credits- Abhishek Bose

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