“We are all rushing through life like flamingos”


I find dresses very comfortable, in fact more comfortable than denims on most days. Its so easy to throw on and so breathe-able at the same time.

Wearing spaghetti straps over T-shirts has been a major trend for a while now. And very recently I got this dress from Pantaloons which is similar to this trend.
The dress is plain black with a little lace up detail on the sides.



The dress comes with a cute crop top which has flamingos printed all over it.
Also you can always wear the dress and the crop top separately as well. Its like buying coordinates, you invest in one but can pair it with so many different things!


I feel like this will make a very good everyday, casual outfit. Something I would like to throw on when I am in a hurry. Also something you could wear to meetings. The dress is a bit on the formal end but the crop it is super casual. And thats why they go so well together.


Dress- Pantaloons
Shoes- Adidas

Photography by Daniel Joseph

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