Jade X Purplehide

“Good shoes take you good places” 

Recently I got the chance to work with Purplehide which is a brand that let’s you design your own shoes. I designed five shoes with Purplehide and the experience was amazing.


I always thought that designing shoes is a difficult process but honestly Purplehide makes it very easy. I designed five shoes on the website and it was very simple and convenient.
I will share five different looks with you today and the link to all the shoes will be attached below.

Also Purpehide has a special coupon for everybody who reads my blog. You can get an additional 20% off on your order.




The first look is an office look. I always look for something flat and comfortable to wear in an office and thats what these shoes are! Also I chose the colour tan because it goes well with almost everything.
And I think the patent leather adds to the office look of the shoes.

Buy them here.





This is a party look. I wanted to try something different for the party look. On most days, I am not the kind of person who is a fan of animal or snake prints. But I love the cobra imprint on these shoes. I wasn’t sure about it when I designed it but when I saw the shoes I absolutely loved them.
Again the shoes are very comfortable which is something you need if you are going out dancing, right?!






This look is all about street style. I have wanted to own a pair of silver oxfords for the longest time. I even tried one from Forever21 which one of my friend bought for herself, but they were so uncomfortable. And ever since I have been on the look out for a good pair of silver oxfords.

I knew straight away that one of the shoes that I will be designing will be something close to silver oxfords. Also I am just so happy about the fact that the shoes are super comfortable.






I think wedding shoes have to have some glitter in them, right?!
I designed these shoes which have a strap at the back. I was initially going to keep the entire shoes glitter but then I decided to make the front section different. Again, these shoes are super comfortable. Exactly what you want to wear at a wedding.





This is the last and my favourite look. I wanted something in pink and nude because they are two of my favourite colours. And these sandals are exactly what I wanted. The pink straps are suede and the nude straps are classic hide.
The front straps do give me a shoe bite if I wear them for a long time and I guess its because I chose the insides to be suede as well. So if you are ordering shoes for yourself, make sure you don’t select the insides to be suede.





Look 1-

Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Vero Moda

Look 2-

Dress- Uniqlo

Look 3- 

Skirt- Elle
Watch- Instagram store

Look 4-

Lehenga- local boutique

Look 5- 

Dress- Qasics

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Poorvi xo

Photos by Mrinal Khatnani

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