Hair & care fruit oils: Review

Hi guys

I hope you all are doing well and the monsoon is treating you good. A few days ago I received a package from Hair & care with two of their new launches.


Hair & care has created two new hair care products with fruit oils. I was really looking forward to try these two products because I am the kind of person who does not really have a hair care routine. I just wash my hair whenever I feel the need and don’t really use any other product for my hair.
I have been told several times by a lot of people about the importance of oiling your hair at least once a week. And I do think that oiling your hair frequently does make a lot of difference to the quality of your hair.


My first impression about the product was pretty good. I was very impressed with the packaging (Especially the fruit inspired tiara that came with the products.) And the both the products smelled really good too.


The first product is a hair oil with orange, anaar and strawberry fruit extracts.
Every fruit extract used to create the hair oil has its own purpose.

Oranges serve as a natural conditioner. Every part of the fruit has several benefits including the pulp, juice and even the peel.
Anaar helps in getting rid of dull hair. It contains essential fatty acids and punicic acid that gives shine to your hair.
Strawberries moisturises, adds shine and smoothens the hair.


The second product is a hair oil which contains olive, mosambi and green apple extracts.

Olives helps in sealing the moisture and protecting the keratin in the hair due to its high content of Vitamin A, E and antioxidants.
Mosambi helps in the treatment of split ends and dandruff,
Green apple helps in promoting hair growth.


Both the hair oils have its own purpose. They are both non sticky and help in deeply moisturising the hair. You can massage the oil in your scalp before bath for extra nutrition.

I have started using the hair oil with orange, anaar and strawberries since my hair is a little dull and having used it twice in the past week, its safe to say that it did make my hair a little healthier than it was before. I think the dullness will further decrease if I continue using the hair oil.

If you do not have dull hair but suffer from split ends, dandruff, hair fall or dry hair, you should try the hair oil with olive, mosambi and green apple. It is designed to reduce the above problems.

Both the fruit oils retail for INR 60 and contain 100 ml of the product.

I would recommend you to try the product at least once. Your hair needs proper moisturising and I think that this product serves that purpose very well.

Thanks for reading!

Poorvi. x

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