Denim X Denim

Hi guys!

Hope you’re all doing well! Today’s post is about the evergreen “denim on denim.”
It took me a while to write this one. I have honestly been a little lazy with this one. But I am glad it will finally go up!


So I am a huge denim lover if that wasn’t already clear enough! I love throwing on my denim jacket/shirt and it completes my outfit in every way!

And as much as I love my denim jacket, I dislike jeans! I am not a fan of jeans tbh! I am more into shorts and skirts and dresses rather than jeans! And this outfit combines both of my true loves!


I wear a denim shirt rather than a denim jacket sometimes if I feel like a jacket will be too warm. And this was one of those days!

I threw on this denim shirt and paired it with a denim skirt! Both the pieces are from MAX fashion. I personally enjoy shopping at MAX and just so we are clear, this is not a sponsored post! MAX is one of those brands which are super affordable and also updated with the current trends.

I got this denim shirt from MAX during the summer and I very recently got this skirt as well! And they go so well together. I wasn’t exactly planning on posting this on the blog but I absolutely loved the look. Also I am not very comfortable wearing half of my shirt in and half out but this one has a slit on the side which makes it comfortable and trendy. If there wasn’t a slit on the shirt, I am sure I wouldn’t wear it like that.

I was so keen on making this a denim on denim look that I even went a little far and wore denim footwear. And I can’t imagine wearing any other footwear with this outfit!


Coming to the hair and makeup, my good friend and the only makeup artist I trust with my face, SIMRAN TANEJA, did it for me. And as always I am nothing but happy about it. I really feel like she is one of those people who understands what a person wants and what kind of a look they have in their head.



Shirt and skirt – MAX
Shoes- Catwalk

Hair and Makeup- Simran Taneja
Photography- Ammy photography
















































































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