The fall edit

Hi guys!

Hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the confusing yet pleasant weather!
Fall is the only time of the year where I might make the exception of wearing an all black outfit! I am not the biggest fan of all black outfits, I am somebody who loves colour and if you have been reading my posts for a while, you might already know it!


But recently I got this dress from Fashion Subway and I just knew I had to do an all black outfit with it.
This is such an easy dress and I love the fact that it would make an amazing summer outfit as well. I just love pieces that can be worn in all seasons!

The dress is super easy to throw on. You just have to tie a knot at the back of your neck and you’re good to go! I don’t think it can get any simpler than that, right?
The dress has a really nice floral print all over. Now I know you might think that floral print is for spring but this print is so different and unique that I would prefer wearing it during the fall rather than the spring!

The dress is completely backless. I have faced this problem with backless dresses before that you have to keep pulling them up every five minuets but thats not the case with this one! This dress fits like a dream! And the best part  is that its super affordable. The dress retails for INR 650 only! And I genuinely don’t think you can get this quality and design at these prices, anywhere else.


The weather is a little cold now so I had to wear a leather jacket with the dress and also wore my black lace boots.
The entire outfit is super comfortable and very trendy as well.



Dress- Fashion Subway
Jacket- People
Shoes- Paltan Bazaar

Photos by Pratham Bharadwaj

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