The fall edit #2

Hi guys

How are you all doing? The weather has been so pleasant recently and I am loving it! Even though it already super cold for me, I am still enjoying it! But its actually a little difficult to decide what to wear right now! Its not cold enough for sweaters and not warm enough for t-shirts. So guess what I chose to wear? THE DENIM JACKET!


This is a very special post for me because this outfit is my absolute favourite. This post is definitely my favourite post on my blog! I love everything about this look and I am so proud of it.



So let me tell you all a story, it was around 3 A.M and I had to shoot in three hours and I was upset because I had this perfect outfit in my mind but I did not have any earrings. And the reason why I didn’t have any was because my ears were not pierced before. I had recently gotten my ears pieced and was (still am) very excited to wear earrings.  So I decided to do a little DIY session of my own and made these really pretty (kinda unfinished- looking) fringe earrings. I used pink embroidery thread and and an old earring hook. And I think the rest of it is pretty easy and I don’t need to write another 100 words explaining you guys how to tie a knot, right?

And I really like the way these look! What do you think?



Fall is all about light sweaters for me! And I always like to pair my sweaters with skirts or shorts because honestly I dislike jeans! So I picked out this light pink sweater from my wardrobe and paired it with a front button skirt. But I did not tuck the sweater in, it just looked better to me this way.

And then of course, I layered it with a denim jacket! I am such a huge denim jacket fan that I might have another wardrobe for them soon enough!



And I paired the outfit with my favourite bag at the moment. And I love it so much because its pink and has a lot of cats! #CrazyCatLadyForever

And wore my shoes from Puplehide!


Sweater- HM
Skirt- Forever21
Jacket- Sarojini
Shoes- Purplehide

Photos by Pratham Bharadwaj

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