Style Swap with Nainika Kalita

Ethnic wear is a part of us. You might be the kind of girl who loves her pair of ripped jeans but you have, at some point, rocked an ethnic look. And whether you admit it or not, you loved it! You never feel more feminine than you do in an ethnic outfit.

I have never been the person who has experimented a lot with ethnic or even Indo western. So I teamed up with Nainika Kalita from That backlash girl and created two Indo western looks.

I have always loved Nainika’s approach towards ethnic fashion. She is known for adding her own little twists and creating different and new looks every time. And she damn well knows how to rock a saree.


We created two looks, one for women who like to stick to black on every occasion and one for women who love colour!

Both of our looks include pairing long skirts with tops.

MY LOOK: I bought this gorgeous skirt from Sarojini a while back for 100 bucks! Yes, that’s right. I really got this gorgeous skirt for 100 bucks in a world where we literally don’t get anything for a 100 bucks.

The skirt has a really pretty print all over it which also adds some colour to the look.
I paired the skirt with a high neck black top because that’s a classic and it never goes out of style. You can add a dupatta to the look as well but we decided to leave that out for this time.
But if I had to carry something with the look, I’d really love how a silk shawl or dupatta would completely change the outfit!



HER LOOK: Nainika chose this plain red skirt with a printed boarder and a little fringe detail on the side. (I wore similar fringe earrings but unfortunately they are not very clearly visible in the photos.)

She paired the skirt with a sheer white top with green embroidery. And she also wore green heels with more fringe details.
I love how well she added three very different colours (red, white and green) to her look and it still looks minimalistic.

I think it will be a great outfit choice for someone who likes wearing bright and colourful outfits.




Skirt: Sarojini
Top- forever 21
Flats- Westside
Earrings- Bangalore’s local market

Skirt- FBB
Heels- Lulu and sky

Photos by Saumya singh

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