Unleash UPES (A walk through with youth icon Varun Aggarwal)

In today’s time, education is given more importance than ever. The competition in every field of work is increasing by the second, and it’s imperative for people to realise that there is a need for excellence in this domain. Honestly, you can’t succeed in a particular field if your interest doesn’t lie there.

Recently, I was invited to attend an educational event called ‘UNLEASH’ by UPES, which is one of the most renowned universities in our country. I have been invited to a lot of educational events over the past few months, but for some reason, this event felt quite different from the others.

When I attend an ‘educational event’ (especially one that is organised by a university), I expect an event where we will be briefed about the college, its courses, campus, faculty, and various other features. This event had all of this and more. The reason I’m saying this is not because I was looking for a college to apply to, but because everything was done in the most creative and interesting manner possible. In fact, this event has instilled a belief in me that creativity is the key to success now.

For starters, they gave us a campus tour that was powered by VR technology. The teachers from the university were also present at the event to further guide the students who were looking forward to joining the college.


The event also had a special guest/speaker – Varun Agarwal, a first-generation Indian entrepreneur, filmmaker, and author, who has co-founded three companies. He has also written a national bestselling book, known as “How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company.” This book is so influential that it’s being made into a Bollywood movie by Nitesh Tiwari, the director of Dangal, and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur and Ronnie Screwvala. He has provided motivational speeches in over 100 schools and colleges.

During his speech, Varun told us about his journey, along with the importance of education. I think it was brilliant to have someone like him as a motivational speaker at this educational event. It essentially bolstered the reputation of the university, since they are willing to help students grow academically and help develop and improve their creative skills as well. This is a crucial aspect that most schools and colleges lack in today’s day-and-age, and it was great to hear Varun talk about how important this aspect of education is. He did not neglect the value of a degree even though he is in a very different line of work.

They had also arranged a Q&A session with Varun and all the other teachers of the university. It was a very interactive session and helped address a ton of student queries. They had also arranged for a personal Q&A session in case any student or parent wanted to speak to the alumni or the faculty members personally.

It was a very different event from anything I had ever attended in the past. I have to thank UPES for having me over at such an informative event.

You can read more about the university by clicking here.


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