Jade X Purplehide

“Good shoes take you good places”  Recently I got the chance to work with Purplehide which is a brand that let’s you design your own shoes. I designed five shoes with Purplehide and the experience was amazing. I always thought that designing shoes is a difficult process but honestly Purplehide makes it very easy. I designed five shoes on … More Jade X Purplehide

Sheer power

Hi guys I hope you all are doing well. I have a very special post today featuring Pantaloons. I think growing up, Pantaloons has been all of ours go to store when it was about shopping. And we have all had out wardrobe filled with pantaloons at some point. Also I will be uploading another post … More Sheer power


“We are all rushing through life like flamingos” I find dresses very comfortable, in fact more comfortable than denims on most days. Its so easy to throw on and so breathe-able at the same time. Wearing spaghetti straps over T-shirts has been a major trend for a while now. And very recently I got this … More Flamingos

Summer in sneakers

Hi guys I hope you all are doing well! I am writing a post after quite a while because I was preoccupied with my exams among other things. And I can’t wait to start posting regularly. Very recently I came across an Instagram store called Smiles from miles who customise sneakers. The shoes are basically hand painted … More Summer in sneakers